Info for Local Residents

We are fortunate in Keosauqua to have the best of both worlds . . a small but robust community (with not a single stoplight in town) . . . but also a community that offers many of the conveniences of much larger communities.

Keep this listing among your Internet browser "favorites" as a handy reference for those things you want to have at your fingertips regarding our community.

Keosauqua City Hall
201 Main Street

Trash Collection & Recycling 
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VB Co Recycling Center
9032 Maple Av
319-293-3692 [Map]

Keosauqua Public Library
608 First Street
319-293-3766 [Web Site]  [Map]

Keosauqua Fire Department
Fire Station: 319-293-7110   Report Fire: 911

Van Buren Co. Hospital & Clinics
304 Franklin Street
319-293-3171 [Web Site]  [Map]

Starwest Cable TV

Keosauqua Light & Power
Electrical service within the city limits of Keosauqua.

Alliant Energy
Natural Gas Supplier
1-800-ALLIANT (255-4268)  [Web Site

Van Buren Telephone Company
Phone - Cellular - Internet Services
617 First Street
319-293-3187  [Web Site]  [Map]

Van Buren County Gov't. Offices
[Web Site]  [Map]