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Villages History

Villages History

Keosauqua, at 1,076 occupants, is the largest of the villages of Van Buren whose total county population numbers just 7,836. Keosauqua was laid out in early 1839 well before statehood. In 1857, a four-story flour mill was built here.

There were several other businesses and industries operating by the mid-1800s including a saw mill, pottery plant, plow factory, wagon factory, tanneries, and a packing plant. Standard Gauge rail service came to Keosauqua in 1880.

Keosauqua's rich history can still be seen today about anywhere you look around the community. We are proud of our past and continue to do our very best to preserve those important pieces of history that pay tribute to the resourceful and determined pioneers who settled this area what will soon be two-hundred years ago.

A collection of photos from Keosauqua's past can be found elsewhere on this web site. More Info