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Documents and Forms

Max Tax Levy Public Hearing Notice Feb 14, 2023 (85.2K)
AFR FY22 (1001.3K)
Ordinance 178 Solid Waste Fees (457K)
Publication USDA Grant Application Public Hearing (80.4K)
Ordinance 177 Vacation Of The Alley Lying Between Lot 5 And Lot 7 Block 55 (675K)
Application For Employment (95.1K)
Surprise Billing Model Notice 2022 (243.1K)
Vacation (Yoder) Notice Of Vacation For Publication (102.8K)
Vacation (Yoder) Notice Of Proposal To Convey For Publication (104.5K)
Ordinance176_StreetAlley Vacation (Hospital) (688.1K)
Street/Alley Vacation (Hospital) Notice Of Vacation For Publication (102.8K)
Street/Alley Vacation (Hospital) Notice Of Proposal To Convey (103.9K)
2021 Keosauqua Water Quality Report (2MB)
Public Notice Of Possible Quorum -Open House 4.12.2022 (160.4K)
Keosauqua Vacations (Henry St. Alley) Notice Of Hearing Publication (88.3K)
Concession Stand Lease Information (87.5K)
Publication -Concession Stand Lease - Open for Proposals (85.2K)
FY23 Proposed Budget Public Hearing (210.4K)
Notice Of Proposal To Sell Real Estate (509 Cass Street) (113.4K)
Max Tax Levy Public Hearing Notice (74.6K)
AFR FY21 Publication (336.7K)
Annual Financial Report - FY21
Ordinance 175 Keosauqua-Vacations (Druvenga) (55.1K)
Ordinance174 Code Revisions Increasing Water Installationfeesigned (44.4K)
Keosauqua -Vacations (Druvenga)- Notice Of Vacation For Publication (105.9K)
Ordinance173 Water Rate Increasing (48.7K)
2020 Keosauqua Water Quality Report (167K)
Keosauqua Abandonment (Heaberlin) Notice For Publication (13.7K)
Ordinance 172 ProvidingVacation(Powell) (58.8K)
Ordinance 169 Adopting International Codes (116.1K)
Ordinance 166 Billing Charges (1.1MB)
Keosauqua Light & Power Rebate Portal
2020 KLP Rebate List (56.1K)
Keosauqua Brochure (1MB)
2018 Keosauqua City Code Final (1.2MB)
Keosauqua Zoning Map (300.8K)
Ach Authorization (40.9K)
Riverfront amphitheater rental agreement (107.6K)
Tax Abatement Application (10.2K)
Utilityserviceapplication (78.8K)
Building Permit Application (113.8K)
Sports Complex (1.6MB)
Keosauqua Trails Map (236.7K)
Peddlers Permit (86.8K)
Waste Management 2023 Schedule (443.6K)
Recycling Information Flyer (872.9K)
Garbage Collection & Recycling (441.1K)
Street Parking Closing Request 2022 (244.5K)

Van Buren Community Pool forms

Pool Pass 2022 (194.5K)
Pool Rental Agreement (317.5K)

Council Minutes

Below are council minutes for the current year. Please contact City Hall for minutes not posted here.
Jan 11th 2022minutes ()
Jan 19th 2022 Worksession (56.9K)
Feb 8th 2022 Minutes (130.9K)
Mar 8th 2022 minutes (131.7K)
March 28th 2022 Special Meeting (141.4K)
April 5th 2022 Special Meeting Minutes (112K)
Apr 12th 2022 Minutes (131.1K)
April 27th, 2022 Special Meeting (146.7K)
May 10th 2022 Minutes (177.5K)
June 14th 2022 Minutes (126.7K)
July 12th 2022 Minutes (127.1K)
Aug 9th 2022 Minutes (127.3K)
August 18th 2022 Special Meeting (135.1K)
August 26th 2022 Special Meeting (108.3K)
Sept 13th 2022 Minutes (130.7K)
Oct 11th 2022 Minutes (131.5K)
Nov 8th 2022 Minutes (126.8K)