City Documents & Resources

Documents and Forms

Keosauqua Brochure (1MB)
2018 Keosauqua City Code Final (1.2MB)
Ach Authorization (40.9K)
Building Permit Application (55.6K)
Peddler's permit (24.7K)
Riverfront amphitheater rental agreement (107.6K)
Tax Abatement Application (10.2K)
Utilityserviceapplication (78.8K)
Garbage Recycling Info (1.7MB)
Sportsomplex (1.6MB)
Keosauqua Trails Map (236.7K)

Van Buren Community Pool forms

2018 Swimming Lessons (125K)
Aqua Aerobics 2018 (208.4K)
Pool Pass 2018 (175.4K)
Pool Rental agreement (145.3K)

Council Minutes

Below are council minutes for the current year. Please contact City Hall for minutes not posted here.
Jan 09 2018 (76.4K)
Feb 13 2018 (76.1K)
March 13 2018 (69.5K)
April 10 2018 (69.2K)
May 8 2018 (48.5K)
May 21 2018 (50.9K)
June 12 2018 (50.3K)
June 21 2018 (52.1K)